About us

Corporate Offices, Shanghai, ChinaManlice is a enterprise integrated of scientific research, development and production. And it has introduced domestic advanced experimental facility and testing method. Since founded in 2002, we have developed more than 300 products with application in food, pharma, cosmetic and fine chemicals, and are still on the way to explore more potential products. Now our products are exported to almost every corner of the world. Our products application covers almost every aspect of life and industry.

Efficient Cooperation

Manlice is committed to provide customers with all-round one-stop service, the scope of services throughout the product whole life cycle, from the laboratory R&D, pilot to commercial production, we do our best to meet the different needs of customers at different stages, help customers to shorten product development cycle, reduce R&D and production costs, achieve win-win situation.

Manlice always insists on harmonious development. In addition to the economy, we are more focused on environmental protection and social development. At Manlice, all production is in strict compliance with the environmental protection standards and regulations set by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. As a responsible company, Manlice contributes to social development by producing high quality, assured chemicals and creating more and more jobs.

Process Development

Manlice core R&D team members mainly from the well-known colleges and universities, all have doctoral and master's degree, more than two-thirds of them have overseas experience, have strong professional technical ability and innovative ability, can design and develop the suitable process for mass production for customers independently, and can provide customers with high quality process development, technical optimization, registration and other services, and provide strong technical support for mass customization at the same time.

Custom synthesis

As the core business of Manlice, we have years of Contract Manufacturing experience, providing one-stop services covering the initial stage, the pilot production phase, and the commercial production stage from the R & D laboratory. At the same time, we carefully listen to the views of customers, committed to meeting customers’ needs, and give effective feedback and improve our services, to ensure high quality products delivered on time.

sustainable development

We keep committing to meet the needs of both market and customers with our innovative technology, high stable quality products and excellent service. We always combine economic success with high sense of social responsibility and environmental protection. To meet the needs of customers, to enrich the value of all Manlice staff, to shoulder more and more social responsibility...these are our unremitting pursuit.

In future, Manlice would implement strategic development, to build large-scale chemical products and services, network coverage of the channel and terminal marketing; establish in line with international standards of quality management system; innovate business model, integrate industrial chain resources, improve competitiveness and profitability, become the sustainable development of the green innovative companies.