Polyvinylpyrrolidone cross-linked (PVPP)


Properties: White or nearly white, hygroscopic and easy to flow powder, odorless or slightly odorous, insoluble in water, alkali, acid and common organic solvents, with strong swelling properties and complexing ability with many kinds of substances.


It is used as a stabilizer in beverages such as beer, liquor, grape juice and fruit juice to extend its storage period.

It is mainly used as a disintegrating agent for tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and also as a disintegrating agent and a filler for pills, granules, hard capsules.

1. General properties and solubility

PVPP is supplied in white or slightly white powder with a slight special odor, is essentially tasteless, insoluble in water and various organic solvents.

2. Hygroscopicity

The water absorption of PVPP increases as the relative humidity increases.

3. The amount of gel formation is small

The formation of the gel inhibits the penetration of water into the tablet and the disintegration rate of the tablet is slowed down. PVPP, in contrast to some other disintegrants, is insoluble in the tendency to form no gel at all.

4. Complexation and solubilization

PVPP forms complexes with a variety of pharmaceuticals and other substances, and its formation process is reversible and does not form in alkaline media. It is more likely to form complexes with aromatic hydrocarbon compounds containing phenyl and/or carboxyl groups. Therefore, it can improve the solvency and bioavailability of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, improve the taste of paracetamol, and adsorb from tinctures and herbs. It removes polyphenols and tannins and has the effects of resisting diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers, and esophageal hiatal cancer.

5. Good compatibility

PVPP and a variety of organic and inorganic pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients, have very good compatibility, solid drugs containing PVPP tablet disintegrants, can use the commonly used tablet production technology, including direct compression, Spraying, drying and wet granulation are easy to produce.

6. Compressibility and bonding

PVPP has excellent fluidity and plastic deformability, so they have excellent adhesion. This property gives good compressibility in spray, dry, and wet granulation. The PVPP tablet disintegrating agent is added to the tablet, and the hardness and abrasion resistance of the tablet are not affected as compared with the conventional starch, cellulose preparation and pectin compound, and the tablet closure does not decrease. PVPP can also be effectively used as a tablet disintegrating agent in direct compression, without the use of a lubricant or the addition of a binder.

7. Capillary activity and hydration ability

Research work has shown that PVPP as a tablet disintegrating agent has high capillary activity and hydration ability because of their large specific surface area (average 1.25 m 2 /g) and significant water absorption (high water absorption and rapidity) , up to 60% or more).

8. Swelling effect and disintegration

PVPP has high capillary activity and thus rapidly absorbs water into the tablet. Since the internal pressure (swelling pressure) exceeds the strength of the tablet, the tablet collapses in an instant. Since there is a folded molecular chain between the crosslinks, when the water or the aqueous solution infiltrates, it is elongated by the sudden impact and forced to separate immediately. As a result of the expansion, the net volume was increased (about twice as much as in 5 minutes), and the tablets formulated with the PVPP tablet disintegrating agent immediately disintegrated.